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As promised in my dress-shopping post, there’s more to my outfit than just the dress. While I love my gown, I wasn’t going to leave good enough alone. It took a lot of time and a lot of searching to find just the right pieces to incorporate my mass-market David’s Bridal wedding dress into a look that reflects my individual personality and taste.

The Inspiration

Left to right: Gooch & Gawler via Style & The Bride | Alea Lovely Photography via Munaluchi Bride | Scott Corridan “White Chocolate Label”

If you’ve been dress shopping, you’ll find that most wedding dresses on the market are sleeveless—designers find sleeves annoying to make and just as awkward to alter. As a big Say Yes to the Dress fan, I will always remember one of my favorite brides, Sola, a Nigerian bride who tried on this amazing dress with lace sleeves and a high collar. She ultimately left it at Kleinfeld’s, but it was seared in my mind after that. While my dress is sleeveless, baring my arms and shoulders was never what I really pictured for my wedding day.

In addition to sleeves, I love the look of feathers over poofy tulle gowns. To me it makes even a big, heavy dress look like it could easily float away. They also can seem both edgy and regal in their own strange way. I considered feather capelets, pretty epaulets, as well as Victorian-inspired lace shrugs.

From Top Left: Ivory white feather high collar capelet by MetamorphDK via Etsy | White feather harness and collar by MetamorphDK via Etsy | Rose and feather shoulder piece by Rougepony via Etsy | Ivory lace shrug by SomniaRomantica via Etsy

But in the end I decided that I’d rather make this piece myself since I wanted something to combine the look of those burlesque feather accessories and the softly romantic shrug/bolero jackets.

The finished product:

To create this, I deconstructed a cheap lace bolero from eBay. I used a seam ripper to gently remove the lace trim and then sewed it back over two types of off-white feathers. I faced some of the feathers over the shoulders as epaulets and had the others curl up the neck like a high collar.


I could have gone a thousand directions with my jewelry. There were the obvious bats or skulls for a Halloween wedding. You can tell from these examples that I was partial to the idea of cameo jewelry.

From Left: Large skull ornate earrings by Upbrass via Etsy | Gomez and Morticia Earrings by PersephonesBijoux via Etsy | Marie Antoinette earrings by favoritesandco via via Etsy

In the end I went with the pair below from Nelly Anna. I love this portrait of the young Marie Antoinette, and it plays perfectly into the wedding theme. She’s a doomed historical figure, having had a short life filled with high-key pleasures (maybe a good symbol of the excess luxury of modern weddings).

Marie Antoinette earrings with Swarovski pearls by NellyAnnaAccessories via Etsy


I’m ashamed to admit it, but I messed up big time on the shoes. At first I thought I was going with the shows below—a pair of Iron Fist heels I bought and then dressed up with lace, ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

Iron Fist Nevermore Heels via Heels.com | Personal photos

I had some delusion that I could wear these five-inch platform stilettos outdoors in the grass, provided I wore those little round heel-protector things. But one day, I showed my boss my shoes and she, thankfully, rained on my parade. She had an outdoor wedding too, and said that those things proved pretty much useless for her in the end.

So I went shopping again, and I found these!

Irregular Choice “Look Who’s Hare Heel” via Modcloth

I’ve already written about wanting to have our rabbit at the wedding, so the bunnies on these heels just melted my heart. Plus, the big wedge heel means no more sinking in the grass. I couldn’t say no. Even now, it takes all of my willpower not to wear these sweet sparkly heels any chance I get. Must. Keep. Clean. For. Wedding. Photos.


So while I won’t be walking down the aisle with a purse, I will still need something cute I can set aside for lipstick touch-ups,澳门太阳城游戏登入不了, a hankie, and my cell phone, too. Lest I spend my wedding day walking around like Rachael Ray coming from her pantry on 30 Minute Meals.

St. Xavier Mossman Crossbody Bag via Urban Outfitters

I loved this gold tone bag set with little glass stones, and managed to snag it while it was on sale. The art history nerd in me knows they’re more Romanesque than Baroque, but cute is cute and this bag is adorable (if more than a little anachronistic).

So there you have it, that’s the rest of the look completed!

Despite appearances, I wasn’t a woman who knew exactly what she wanted to look like for her wedding day. It’s not like I sat down one day and took care of it all in one shopping trip—that would have been impossible. It took a lot of imagination to create my vision (and Mr. B-Cat’s too), and a lifetime of finding my own particular sense of style to help me choose each piece. I am really happy with the final outcome—but I have to wait two more months to see if my vision really comes together!

Are you in the midst of choosing how to accessorize the gown now? Let me know in the comments! Do you also find yourself occasionally wondering what happened to particular brides from Say Yes To The Dress or am I an overly invested weirdo?

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